Black and Red Graduation Cord

Black and gold honor graduation cords have a beautiful contrast that bring a bold, regal feel to both the graduate and graduation ceremony. Graduation cords are tokens awarded to members of clubs, societies and for various academic honors and achievements. They are a great subtle representation of all of the hard work and time put into the big day. A graduate can wear one with multiple colors, one solid color, or tie a few together. All looks lay great and work well!

The cords are one quarter inch thick and made of a great quality rayon and not only look great but last! This particular cord is made of two strands of black and one strand of gold that are twisted together to make one 70 inch cord with a tassel at each end.

Phi Eta Sigma is the oldest and largest collegiate freshman honor society that uses black and gold as their colors for graduates. The University of Colorado-Boulder, Gustavus Adolphus College, Wake Forest University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the University of Iowa, Saint Olaf College, and Purdue University are all schools that use black and gold as their alma mater. Black was first known as the absence of color and represented death. It is becoming more of a look of elegance and chic. In the 19th century it was worn by businessmen, statesmen and English romantic poets and in the 14th century by royalty. Gold represents success, wealth and good health. With its history the colors black and gold are a perfect combination in wishing the graduate well in their future endeavors.

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