Black and Kelly Green Graduation Cord

Black and Kelly Green Graduation Cords will be perfect for your graduation! Graduation is a time for celebration and a time to honor an individual for their years of dedication and hard work. Your student has put in hours and hours of homework and studying all to get to this!

Along the way I am sure there have been some great memories, friends made, challenges that were overcome and the self gratification that with consistency and hard work great things can be achieved. Graduations represent the successful completion of one chapter and a new beginning of another. It is traditional that students wear cap and gown along with graduation cords. Graduation cords can indicate honor graduates, students with achievements or even the school colors to represent the pride of the school they are graduating from. Black and kelly green are stunning colors together. Black cords embody the qualities of wealth, a sense of being strong, and is a very powerful choice. Kelly green cords represent health, good fortune, and tranquility. The elegance of the dark black paired with the vibrant kelly green creates a wonderful combination and will represent excellence among peers.

Honors Graduation is here to help you with high quality graduation cords. The graduation cords are rayon which is great for durability and a glamorous look. Our cords are 70 inches in length, and beautifully braided together. Each cord will be braided with 3 strands, two strands of the first color(black) and one of the second color(kelly green). These graduation cords will bring a sense of honor and pride to the student on their big day. With our sturdy cords the student can put them in a display or keepsake to look back on this monumental time in their life. Although Honors Graduation will only play a small part in this day, rest assured that when you purchase through us you will be completely satisfied with your experience and quality of our products.

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